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Inventors Timeline: The Inventions that Shaped America
This article contain brief, fast facts in an Inventors timeline format detailing the History of famous inventions that shaped America during the Industrial Revolution. The Inventors Timeline covers important dates and events in the years leading up to the Civil War up to the inventions of the second Industrial Revolution up to the outbreak of World War 1 (1914)The Inventors Timeline includes famous names of American inventors and the inventions and discoveries of men such as Eli Whitney, Cyrus McCormick,  Samuel Colt, Samuel Morse, Elias Howe, Richard Gatling, Levi Strauss, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford.

The Inventors Timeline provides brief details of their famous inventions and the dates provide an insight into how emerging technology and their discoveries shaped America during the First and Second Industrial Revolution. Learn about the important dates and events of this amazing time in the History of the United States with  the Inventors Timeline detailing their famous inventions and advances in technology.


Inventors Timeline: The Inventions that shaped America
The Inventors Timeline details the famous inventions that shaped America. Many famous American inventors and discoveries are included in the history timeline but the important European inventors have also been included. The inventions of the American Industrial Revolution led to the Industrialization of America when people moved from a rural agricultural environment to an urban city environment. It was a time of dramatic change and people found that their working lives were not governed by the seasons and daily chores necessary in the farming industry. Americans worked a six day week which gave them some time for leisure which is why we have included inventions such as baseball and the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel was the most popular attraction at the
1893 Chicago World's Fair showcasing American inventions and technical advances to over 4 million visitors. The Inventors Timeline provides a fast overview of the technical advances, inventions and social changes that occurred in a relatively short period of time.

Inventors Timeline
Interesting facts about the American Industrial Revolution are provided in Inventors Timeline detailed below. The inventions and technical innovations of the period are told in a factual timeline sequence consisting of a series of interesting, short facts and dates providing a simple method of relating the
history of the American Industrial Revolution via the Inventors Timeline for kids, schools and homework projects.
Inventors Timeline The Inventions that shaped America...

Inventors Timeline Fact 1: 1744 - Benjamin Franklin - Benjamin Franklin invents the Franklin stove and in 1747 invents the lightning rod. Franklin also invents the odometer and bifocal glasses

Inventors Timeline Fact 2: 1765 - James Watt - James Watt invents the first modern steam engine

Inventors Timeline Fact 3: 1782 - Jacob Yoder - Jacob Yoder invents the Flatboat for inland waterways

Inventors Timeline Fact 4: 1783 -  Montgolfier Brothers - Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier fly the first Hot Air Balloon

Inventors Timeline Fact 5: 1793 - Eli Whitney - Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin - Eli Whitney Cotton Gin

Inventors Timeline Fact 6: 1795 - Thomas Jefferson - Thomas Jefferson invented the Wheel cypher, a cipher system for encrypting messages to prevent code breaking

Inventors Timeline Fact 7: 1807 - Robert Fulton - Robert Fulton builds the first commercial steamboat

Inventors Timeline Fact 8: 1821 - George Stephenson - George Stephenson is the famous inventor of the first steam locomotive engine for railways

Inventors Timeline Fact 9: 1831 - Cyrus McCormick - Cyrus McCormick invents the mechanical horse-drawn reaper - McCormick Reaper

Inventors Timeline Fact 10: 1832 - John G. Stephenson - John G. Stephenson builds the first horse car

Inventors Timeline Fact 11: 1834 - Hiram Moore - Hiram Moore invented the first combine harvester

Inventors Timeline Fact 12: 1836 - Samuel Colt - Samuel Colt invents the Colt Revolver

Inventors Timeline Fact 13: 1836 - John Deere - John Deere invents the lightweight plow with steel cutting edge

Inventors Timeline Fact 14: 1837 - Samuel Morse - Samuel Morse develops the Morse Code and the first telegraph line - Samuel Morse and the First Telegraph

Inventors Timeline Fact 15: 1839 - Charles Goodyear - Charles Goodyear invented the first vulcanized rubber

Inventors Timeline Fact 16: 1842 - Joseph Dart - Joseph Dart and Robert Dunbar invent steam-powered Grain Elevators

Inventors Timeline Fact 17: 1845 - Alexander Cartwright - Alexander Cartwright invented the modern sport of baseball

Inventors Timeline Fact 18: 1846 - Elias Howe - Elias Howe invented the world's first practical sewing machine - Elias Howe Sewing Machine

Inventors Timeline Fact 19: 1852 - Elisha Otis - Elisha Otis invented the first safety brake for elevators

Inventors Timeline Fact 20: 1853 - George Cayley - George Cayley invented the first manned glider

Inventors Timeline Fact 21: 1855 - Henry Bessemer - Henry Bessemer invents the Bessemer process to create steel from iron

Inventors Timeline Fact 22: 1858 - Hamilton Smith - Hamilton Smith patents the first rotary washing machine

Inventors Timeline Fact 23: 1860 - Daniel Hess - Daniel Hess invents the vacuum cleaner

Inventors Timeline Fact 24: 1861 - Richard Gatling - Richard Gatling invented the Gatling gun during the American Civil War

Inventors Timeline The Inventions that shaped America...

Inventors Timeline cont.
Interesting, fast facts about racial discrimination are provided Inventors Timeline of the 1900's detailed below. The history of Segregation is told in a factual timeline sequence consisting of a series of interesting, short, fast facts and dates providing a simple method of relating the
history of the Segregation for kids, schools and homework projects.

Inventors Timeline The Inventions that shaped America...

Inventors Timeline Fact 25: 1861 - Horace Hunley - Horace Lawson Hunley developed the submarine during the Civil War

Inventors Timeline Fact 26: 1863 - Birdsill Holly - Birdsill Holly invented the modern version of the fire hydrant

Inventors Timeline Fact 27: 1866 - Alfred Nobel - Alfred Bernhard Nobel invented dynamite

Inventors Timeline Fact 28: 1866 - Charles Goodnight - Charles Goodnight who introduces the concept of the chuck wagon used on cattle drives by cowboys

Inventors Timeline Fact 29: 1867 - Christopher Scholes - Christopher Scholes invents the first practical typewriter and develops the QWERTY keyboard layout

Inventors Timeline Fact 30: 1869 - George Westinghouse - George Westinghouse Invented the air brake system

Inventors Timeline Fact 31: 1873 - Levi Strauss - Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis co-invented denhim jeans
Inventors Timeline Fact 32: 1873 - Joseph Glidden - Joseph Glidden and the invention of barbed wire

Inventors Timeline Fact 33: 1876 -  Alexander Graham Bell - Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone

Inventors Timeline Fact 34: 1876 - Carl von Linde - Carl von Linde invents the refrigerator

Inventors Timeline Fact 35: 1876 - Nicholaus Otto - Nicholaus Otto invents the Internal Combustion Engine

Inventors Timeline Fact 36: 1877 - Thomas Alva Edison - Thomas Alva Edison invented the cylinder phonograph and in 1879 develops the first practical electric light bulb

Inventors Timeline Fact 37: 1879 - Joseph Swan - Joseph Swan inventor of the electric light bulb

Inventors Timeline Fact 38: 1879 - James Ritty - James Ritty invented the mechanical cash register

Inventors Timeline Fact 39: 1880 - Walter Camp - Walter Camp invented the modern sport of American football

Inventors Timeline Fact 40: 1882 - Schuyler Wheeler - Schuyler Skaats Wheeler invented the first electric fan

Inventors Timeline Fact 41: 1884 -  William Le Baron Jenney - The Home Insurance Building was the first skyscraper built, designed by architect William Le Baron Jenney - The First Skyscraper

Inventors Timeline Fact 42: 1884 - George Eastman - George Eastman invents the first film in roll form and then the Kodak camera in 1888

Inventors Timeline Fact 43: 1885 - Sylvanus F. Bowser - Sylvanus F. Bowser invented the gasoline/petrol pump

Inventors Timeline Fact 44: 1887 - John Dunlop - John Dunlop invention of the pneumatic tire

Inventors Timeline Fact 45: 1887 - Charles Fey - Charles Fey invented the first "one-armed bandit"

Inventors Timeline Fact 46: 1889 - George Fuller - George Fuller built the Tacoma Building Skyscraper

Inventors Timeline Fact 47: 1889 - Daimler and Benz - Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz First 4 Wheel Automobile

Inventors Timeline Fact 48: 1891 - Jesse W. Reno - Jesse W. Reno invented the escalator

Inventors Timeline Fact 49: 1892 - Rudolf Diesel - Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel-fueled internal combustion engine called the Diesel engine

Inventors Timeline Fact 50: 1892 - John Froelich - John Froelich invented the first gasoline-powered tractor

Inventors Timeline Fact 51: 1893 - George Ferris - George Ferris invents the Ferris Wheel - Ferris Wheel Invention

Inventors Timeline Fact 52: 1895 - Guglielmo Marconi - Marconi invented of the first practical radio signaling system - 1920's Radio and Advertising

Inventors Timeline Fact 53: 1897 - Nikola Tesla - Nikola Tesla invents the induction coil or Tesla coil, a device essential to sending and receiving radio waves

Inventors Timeline Fact 54: 1898 - Edwin Prescott - Edwin Prescott patented the first roller coaster

Inventors Timeline Fact 55: 1899 - Joshua Lionel Cowen - The flash-lamp was invented by Joshua Lionel Cowen

Inventors Timeline Fact 56: 1900 - Count Ferdinand Zeppelin - Ferdinand Zeppelin invented the first rigid dirigible (zeppelin) - Zeppelin Airship

Inventors Timeline Fact 57: 1901 - Ransom Olds - Ransom Olds inventor of the assembly line for automobiles

Inventors Timeline Fact 58: 1902 - Willis Carrier - Willis Carrier invented the first mechanical air conditioning unit

Inventors Timeline Fact 59: 1903 - Wright Brothers - Orville and Wilbur Wright first powered, sustained, and controlled flight of an airplane - Wright Brothers

Inventors Timeline Fact 60: 1905 - Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity

Inventors Timeline Fact 61: 1907 - Leo Baekeland - Leo Baekeland invents Bakelite

Inventors Timeline Fact 62: 1907 - Paul Cornu - The Helicopter was invented by Paul Cornu

Inventors Timeline Fact 63: 1907 - Lee DeForest - The Radio amplifier was invented by Lee DeForest

Inventors Timeline Fact 64: 1908 - Henry Ford - Henry Ford created the Model T car and in 1913 introduces mass production of automobiles

Inventors Timeline Fact 65: 1911 - Charles F. Kettering - Charles F. Kettering invented the automobile self-starter used by the Cadillac company

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Inventors Timeline The Inventions that shaped America...

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