Cold War Timeline

The Cold War Presidents

The Cold War Timeline (1945 - 1991)
Interesting Cold War Timeline and facts for kids are detailed below together with details of important events leading up to the development of the Atomic Bomb. The history timeline of the Cold War is told in a factual timeline sequence consisting of a series of short facts providing a simple method of relating the relevant, significant events and the famous people who were involved in the Cold War.

Find the important dates and events in the Cold War Timeline during the period of "non-hostile belligerency" involving the Space Race and Arms Race and the nuclear arms build-up and diplomatic incidents that brought the world to the brink of a Nuclear War.


The Cold War Presidents (1945 - 1991)
Nine US Presidents were in office during the uncertain time in history which started in 1945 and ended in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. The US Presidents  during the Cold War were Harry Truman, Dwight D Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H Bush.

Cold War Timeline: Summaries of Events
Click one of the following links that provide definitions and summaries of the major events and important dates of this era.

Cold War Timeline for Kids
The main events of the Cold War can be seen in the short, History Timeline for kids. Click the links for comprehensive articles on each of the important incidents such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Berlin Blockade and Airlift, the Korean War, the U2 incident and the Vietnam War.

Cold War Timeline: Main Dates and Events (1945 - 1991)

Cold War Timeline: 1945 - The WW2 Manhattan Project leads to US development of the Atomic Bomb

Cold War Timeline: 1945 - The Potsdam Conference builds a high level of distrust between the USSR and the USA

Cold War Timeline: 1945 - United Nations was established to avoid another war but its peace mission was jeopardized by the Cold War.

Cold War Timeline: 1945 - The Eastern Bloc (The Iron Curtain) established dividing the East from the West

Cold War Timeline: 1946 - The Long Telegram from George Kennan advises the US Government to adopt policy of Containment

Cold War Timeline: 1946 - The policy of Containment leads to the Domino Theory

Cold War Timeline: 1946 - Operation Crossroads - nuclear weapon tests conducted by the US at Bikini Atoll

Cold War Timeline: 1947 - The speech to congress known as the Truman Doctrine pledges to resist communism

Cold War Timeline: 1947 - The Marshall Plan authorized the US government to supply military aid against communism

Cold War Timeline: 1947 - The Roswell UFO Incident and the secret experiments on aircraft and weapons in Area 51

Cold War Timeline: 1947 - National Security Act creates the U.S. Air Force (USAF), NSA and the CIA.

Cold War Timeline: 1947 - Loyalty Review Program screened federal government employees during second Red Scare

Cold War Timeline: 1947 - HUAC House of Un-American Activities Committee.

Cold War Timeline: 1948 - West Germany is founded and Stalin mounts the Berlin blockade in East Germany

Cold War Timeline: 1948 - The Berlin Airlift (1948 - 1949) - US supplies west Berlin by air

Cold War Timeline: 1949 - NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was formed

Cold War Timeline: 1949 - USSR tests its first atomic bomb and the Cold War Arms Race begins

Cold War Timeline: 1949 - Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communists sign a Treaty with the USSR - Cold War spreads to East Asia

Cold War Timeline: 1950 - The Korean War (1950 - 1953) between the Soviet-backed communist North Korea and China against the US and UN backed South Korea.

Cold War Timeline: 1950 - McCarthyism (1950 - 1954) brings in the era of anti-communist hysteria

Cold War Timeline: 1951 - CONELRAD established in the US to issue radio warnings of Nuclear Attack Alerts

Cold War Timeline: 1954 - The First Taiwan Strait Crisis  - brinkmanship forces the Chinese Communists to back down.

Cold War Timeline: 1954 - Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was formed as the Southeast Asian version of NATO

Cold War Timeline: 1955 - The Soviet Union created the alliance known as the Warsaw Pact

Cold War Timeline: 1955 - The Vietnam War (1955 - 1975) between communist North Vietnam (supported by USSR) against the non-communist South Vietnam (supported by US)

Cold War Timeline: 1956 - The "Secret Speech" in which Khrushchev denounces the tyranny of Stalin

Cold War Timeline: 1956 - The Hungarian Revolution which ended when Russian tanks moved into Budapest.

Cold War Timeline: 1956 - The Suez Crisis (1956) and the Soviets gain a foothold in the Middle East


Cold War Timeline: Main Dates and Events (1945 - 1991)

Cold War Timeline for kids: Dates and Events
Our interesting History Time line continues with more facts for kids that are detailed below. The history is told in a factual timeline sequence consisting of a series of short facts providing a simple method of relating the
history and the important events and people who feature in the History Timeline.

Cold War Timeline: Main Dates and Events (1945 - 1991)

History Timeline: 1957 - The Eisenhower Doctrine pledged economic and military aid to the Middle East and Asia

History Timeline: 1957 - USSR launch Sputnik, the world's first artificial satellite

History Timeline: 1957 - The Cold War Space Race starts (1957 - 1975)

History Timeline: 1958 - NASA is established

History Timeline: 1960 - USA Corona Spy Satellite - successful recovery of photographs from space

History Timeline: 1960 - The U-2 Incident - US U2 spy plane shot down over Russia and pilot, Gary Powers captured

History Timeline: 1961 - The Berlin Wall erected dividing East and West Berlin

History Timeline: 1961 - Checkpoint Charlie Incident a standoff between U.S. and Soviet tanks at the Berlin Wall

History Timeline: 1961 - The Bay of Pigs Invasion - CIA-backed botched invasion of Cuba

History Timeline: 1961 - The Cuban Missile Crisis bringing the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation

History Time line: 1962 - USSR launches Zenit Spy Satellite, takes photographs above the USA

History Time line: 1964 - The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave LBJ a free hand to escalate the Vietnam War.

History Time line: 1968 - The Prague Spring, Czechoslovakia ended with a Soviet invasion

History Time line: 1968 - USA launched the Apollo 8 Manned Moon Orbit

History Time line: 1969 - USA places First Man on the Moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in Apollo 11 lunar module

History Time line: 1972 - The SALT Agreements - Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (1972 - 1979) between USA and the USSR

History Time line: 1973 - The Paris Peace Accords was signed on January 27, 1973 including a ceasefire agreement heralds the End of the Vietnam War.

History Time line: 1975 - USA / USSR First multi-national manned missions ending the Cold War Space Race

History Time line: 1979 - Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (1979 - 1989)

History Time line: 1983 - Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - Star Wars

History Time line: 1989 - The Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)

History Time line: 1991 - Collapse of the Soviet Union and the End of the Cold War

Cold War Timeline: Main Dates and Events (1945 - 1991)

Facts and History Timeline for kids: Dates and Events

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