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President George Washington - "The American Cincinnatus"
Summary: George Washington (1732-1799), nicknamed the "American Cincinnatus", was the 1st American President and served in office from 1789-1797. The Presidency of George Washington spanned the period in United States history that encompasses the events of the New Nation.

George Washington had led the country to victory against the British in the American Revolution War (17751783). The Constitution of the USA and the Bill of Rights (1791) were written to guide the new country and its government. President George Washington was politically an Independent political party and set about creating the new nation establishing the National Mint, the First Bank of the United States and the Post Office were established and the First Census of 1790 was undertaken. Other main events that occurred during the time that George Washington was president included the Neutrality Proclamation (1793) and the Whiskey Rebellion (1794). George Washington died on December 14, 1799 of heart failure, aged 67. The next president was John Adams.


Life of George Washington for kids - George Washington Fact File
The summary and fact file of George Washington provides bitesize facts about his life.

George Washington Fact File

Date of Birth: February 22, 1732 Height: 6 feet 1.5 inches
Nickname: The American Cincinnatus Religion: Episcopalian
Age at Inauguration: 57 Political Party: Independent 
First Lady: Martha Dandridge Washington Vice President: John Adams
Place of Birth: Westmoreland County, Virginia Weight: 175lbs
Number: First President Date of Death: December 14, 1799

Date of George Washington Presidency: April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797

George Washington Fact File

Character and Personality Type of George Washington
The character traits of President George Washington can be described as reserved, moral, ambitious, brave, serious and subject to an explosive temper temper. It has been speculated that the Myers-Briggs personality type for George Washington is an ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgement). A reserved, well-regulated and serious character and a strong traditionalist. George Washington Personality type: logical, organized, sensible, thorough and dependable.

The Nickname of George Washington: The American Cincinnatus
The nickname of President George Washington provides an insight into how the man was viewed by the American public during his presidency. The meaning of the nickname The American Cincinnatus
was a reference to the famous Roman aristocrat and statesman who won a war but choose to become a citizen rather than seeking power. President Washington  was also more popularly referred to as the "Father of His Country" but he was also called Conotocaurious meaning 'Town Destroyer', a nickname given to George Washington by Iroquois Native American Indians in 1753.

Accomplishments of George Washington and the Famous Events during his Presidency
The accomplishments of George Washington and the most famous events during his presidency are provided
in interesting, short summaries.

George Washington for kids - 1790 Census
Summary of the 1790 Census: The
1790 Census was taken on August 2, 1790 in the original 13 States, plus the districts of Maine, Kentucky and Vermont, and the Southwest Territory (Tennessee). Its purpose was to record the population of America and find out how many people there were in each state.

George Washington for kids - First Bank of the United States
Summary of the First Bank of the United States: The
First Bank of the United States was established in 1791 in order to handle the massive debt created during the War of Independence (17751783) and to create a standard form of currency.

George Washington for kids - The National Mint
Summary of the National Mint: The
National Mint was was authorized by the Coinage Act of April 2, 1792 in order to circulate coinage to enable the new nation to conduct its trade and commerce. For additional facts refer to American Currency History and the establishment of the dollar.   

George Washington for kids - The Post Office
Summary of the Post Office: The Postal Service Act signed into law by President Washington on February 20, 1792. The
Post Office was was created by the Second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775 "To establish Post Offices and post Roads" enabling a communication system across the new nation and guaranteeing the privacy of personal correspondence in the USA.

George Washington for kids - 1789 Judiciary Act
Summary of the 1789 Judiciary Act: The
1789 Judiciary Act established the U.S. court system of lower courts, circuit courts and the appeals system.

George Washington for kids - 1793 Neutrality Proclamation
Summary of the 1793 Neutrality Proclamation: There were many conflicts in Europe, including the French Revolution. The new nation had a military force that was too small to risk any sort of engagement with either Britain of France. The
Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 was authorized on April 22, 1793 stating that the United States of America would take no part in a war between two or more other powers.

George Washington for kids - Fugitive Slave Act
The 1793 Fugitive Slave Act was passed on February 4, 1793 guaranteeing the right of a owners to recover an escaped slave and requiring US citizens to help in the return of escaped fugitive slaves.  

George Washington for kids - Jay's Treaty
Summary of Jay's Treaty:
Jay's Treaty, called the 'Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, Between His Britannic Majesty and The United States of America' was arranged by John Jay to settle outstanding border disputes with the British and enabled trade during the French Revolution  - refer to the French Revolution and US history. Jay's Treaty was signed on November 19, 1794 and resulted in the British surrendering their forts on the Great Lakes and arranged the payment of debts due to British subjects.

George Washington for kids - Pinckney's Treaty
Summary of Pinckney's Treaty: Pinckney's Treaty was arranged by Thomas Pinckney on March 7, 1796 to establish intentions of friendship between the USA and Spain.

George Washington for kids - The Whiskey Rebellion
Summary of the Whiskey Rebellion: The
Whiskey Rebellion was was sparked by the 1791 Excise Tax on distilled spirits. The government authorized a system of local tax inspectors and collection officers to collect the Excise tax. The new law enraged the farmers of Carolina and Pennsylvania who refused to pay the tax and their actions action came to be known as the Whiskey Rebellion.

George Washington for kids - Inventions during his presidency
The new nation of the United States saw the growth of manufacturing between 1789-1800. Two famous inventions during his presidency, the Eli Whitney Cotton Gin and the Samuel Slater Cotton Mill, mechanized agriculture and increased farming production.

President George Washington Video for Kids
The article on the accomplishments of George Washington provides an overview and summary of some of the most important events during his presidency. The following George Washington video will give you additional important facts, history and dates about the political events experienced by George Washington, the 1st American President, whose presidency spanned from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797.

Accomplishments of President George Washington

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