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Summary and Definition of Grantism
Definition and Summary: The definition of Grantism is political corruption and greed in government. The term was coined in a speech by Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner on May 31, 1872, a Presidential election year to encompass the shady dealings that were rampant during the
Grant administration. During presidency of Ulysses Grant many of his associates and government officials including members of his cabinet took part in tax evasion and were involved in bribery and taking kickbacks. Grantism undermined the position of the president and control of local and federal government.

Ulysses Grant was the 18th American President who served in office from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877. The scandals and corruption of politicians and government officials during his presidency led to the term 'Grantism'.


Grantism Origins: Senator Charles Sumner
What were the origins of Grantism? Grantism was a derogatory term that was originally coined by Senator Charles Sumner in a political speech on May 31, 1872. Senator Sumner (January 6, 1811 Ė March 11, 1874) was a personal and political enemy of Ulysses S. Grant and took the opportunity to criticize the president during the Presidential election campaigns of 1872.  Senator Charles Sumner was the chief Republican radical leader in the Senate during Reconstruction era. He bitterly opposed the re-election of President Grant and supported the 1872 Liberal Republican presidential candidate Horace Greeley.

Grantism for kids: The Meaning of Grantism
The overall meaning of Grantism was summarized by Charles Sumner as a despotic government of "one man and his personal will". Sumner viewed the government of Grant as dictatorial, tyrannical, authoritarian and repressive. In his speech of May 31, 1872 Senator Charles Sumner accused President Grant of political patronage, nepotism (favoritism), and comparing his presidency to the autocrat ideals of Julius Caesar.

Grantism for kids: President Grant
Were Charles Sumner's criticisms of President Grant substantiated? Some were. Grant was a military hero of the Civil War. He had no experience of politics and ran his administration like a military regime, perhaps in an autocratic manner. The accusation of political patronage and nepotism (favoritism) was undoubtedly true. But this was
'custom and practice' of presidential administrations and related to the Spoils System that had been particularly favored by President Andrew Jackson.

Grantism for kids: The Spoils System
President Grant advocated and operated the Spoils System in which the appointment of loyal party supporters was a more important qualification for a job than competence or merit. He appointed friends, associates and supporters to powerful positions in government and used the recommendations of friends to make these appointments.
The Spoils System led to abuses of political power and was the breeding ground of bribery and corruption. The Spoils System would continue until the Pendleton Federal Civil Service Act was passed in 1883 during the presidency of Chester Arthur.

Grantism for kids: The Scandals in the Grant Administration
Ulysses S. Grant was an honest man - he was not connected with the bribery and corruption of his administration, his personal integrity was never in question. He could, however, be criticized for some of his decision making skills and his questionable judgment in making some political appointments. There were numerous scandals in the Grant Administration. The Democrats took advantage of the tales and rumors of bribery and corruption and expanded the investigations against the Republican administration. These included the Whiskey Ring Scandal, the Black Friday Scandal, the Credit Mobilier Scandal,  the Sanborn Grab Fraud, the Belknap Scandal, the Emma Silver Mine scandal, Navy Contracts scandal. The details of the scandals were highly publicized and damaged the reputation of the president. His inability to quickly quash domestic controversy created chaos in national politics and the popular use of the term "Grantism'.

Grantism for kids: The Credit Mobilier Scandal
Grantism. The
Credit Mobilier Scandal involved charges of bribery in connection with the building of the Pacific railroads and implicated a member of the House of Representatives and other member of Congress. Grantís vice-president, Colfax, was linked to this scandal

Grantism: The Belknap Scandal
Grantism. The
Belknap Scandal involved the bribery of William Worth Belknap the U.S. Secretary of War which led to Impeachment proceedings.

Grantism: The Black Friday Scandal
Grantism. The
Black Friday Scandal in which group of financial speculators attempted to corner the gold market. Grantís brother-in-law,  Abel Corbin, was involved in this scandal.

Grantism: The Whiskey Scandal
Grantism. The
Whiskey Ring Scandal concerned a conspiracy of distillers to bribe government officials and to defraud the government of the excise taxes on liquor. John McDonald an old army buddy and friend of President Grant was involved in this scandal as was Grantís private secretary.

Grantism: The Star Route Scandal
Star-Route Scandal investigations started during Grant's administration, though the presidencies of Hayes, Garfield and was finally shut down during the presidency of Chester A. Arthur.

Grantism: The Significance of Grantism
The Significance of Grantism was a s follows:

● The reputation of President Grant was damaged and his power was undermined due to allegations of Grantism
● The Republican party was split due to the scandals and allegations of Grantism and the Liberal Republicans emerged
The Civil Service Commission was established in 1871
● Grantism highlighted the problems of the Spoils System which was eventually discontinued in 1883

Grantism for kids - President Ulysses Grant Video
The article on the Grantism provides an overview of one of the important events of his presidential term in office. The following Ulysses Grant video will give you additional important facts and dates about the political events experienced by the 18th American President whose presidency spanned from March 4, 1869 to March 4, 1877.


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